Bridge Pittsburgh
Bridge Pittsburgh

Who we are

What is Bridge Pittsburgh?

Bridge Pittsburgh is a grant-funded collaborative journalism initiative. Its mission is to connect journalists working in Pittsburgh and the surrounding river valley communities that make up what is often referred to as the “Greater Pittsburgh region” — helping them to find new resources in order to support good journalism. 

It will also provide room to think about innovation in local news specifically within this region — facilitating conversations, research and experimentation that can help journalists deepen and grow their relationships with their audiences. 

Funding for the two-year initiative has come from The Heinz Endowments and the Henry L. Hillman Foundation. Point Park University’s Center for Media Innovation is providing administrative support as well as fiscal sponsorship.

A full-time project editor, AmyJo Brown, was hired in September 2019.

Why has the partnership been created?

We sit at a critical moment of transition for the region’s media, which is not immune to the troubles facing local news outlets across the country. Our newsrooms are growing smaller and our resources spread thin as we search for a sustainable business model. 

At the same time, we have a “comparatively vibrant media ecosystem,” according to a recent Media Impact Funders report prepared for local foundations. The study, which included interviews with more than 20 local media and philanthropic leaders, determined that our region “presents a special opportunity for strengthening and advancing the journalism field.” 

We believe that, too. This initiative is intended to build on these strengths, to facilitate an exchange of ideas and to create a network that will help each of us with our long-term strategies and allow us to do the work most meaningful to us — and our communities.